• Ideal for classrooms
  • Filters corona viruses & bacteria

  • Low maintenance and costs

  • Fully eligible through bridging aid III

Corona air purifiers: Airpura room air purifiers offer virus protection through clean breathing air

Indoor air filters with filter function against viruses were rather rare before the Corona pandemic. With Airpura air purifiers, we have responded to the requirements of a changed health policy and created a filter system that itself Aerosols detects – particles that can be smaller than a micrometer. Conventional filters, for example, only had to collect allergy-causing pollen, which is many times larger than corona particles in the room air.

In addition to standard coarse dirt filters, the Airpura system also contains so-called filters HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air-Arrestance) and ULPA filter (Ultra Low Penetration Air), which in a four-stage filtration up to 99.9999 percent t collect aerosols that may be contaminated with viruses.

Airpura EUROPE air purifier for schools and classrooms, catering
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from € 2,36per day
  • Incl. VAT
  • Minimum rental period 6 months
  • From 20 pieces optional service & maintenance


from €849apiece
  • Incl. VAT
  • Invest in clean air!


from €25,-per month
  • Incl. VAT
  • from 2 devices
  • From 20 pieces optional service & maintenance

Advantages with an Airpura air purifier room air purifier

  • Fresh and germ-free room air to protect your customers and employees

  • Up to 80% energy cost savings during ventilation! (interesting for classrooms, conference rooms, churches, etc.)

  • Only H-14 HEPA or ULPA-15 filters are suitable for filtering viruses
  • Up to 6 changes of air prevents infectious air concentrations

  • Division of aerosol concentration in rooms already in 5 – 15 minutes

  • Scientifically proven virus deactivation (UV system)

  • No harmful ozone , no additional heating of the rooms


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Air purifier in school, classroom, seminar

Areas of application for room air purifiers with HEPA and ULPA filters

In times when the risk of infection must be minimized, there are numerous areas of application for our air purifiers. Because with constant use of the air filter, the room air is kept almost virus-free even when people are in the premises.

  • In the catering industry,in hotels and guesthouses, guests can still be welcomed.
  • Permanent air purification in Offices, schools, churches, banks and public institutions.
  • Even with the maximum number of people allowed, clean breathing air in Shops, pharmacies, bakeries or the Salesrooms from Furniture and car dealerships .
  • Filtration of indoor air in sports facilities, Gyms, wellness oases or fitness studios.
  • Safe breathing air even in places with increased exposure such as in Hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes and other areas of healthcare.
  • High performance systems for larger ones Halls and halls in which Company celebrations or other festivals and Events should take place.
  • Seminars , Courses and others Training measures can be carried out under optimal air conditions.

Our Airpura UVC indoor air purifiers have been successfully on the market worldwide for more than 15 years!



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