Airpura air purifier – effective against viruses & aerosols

Airpura air purifiers have been used successfully for over 15 years in commercial,
used in public and private areas to create clean and healthy air to breathe indoors.

With up to 99.9999% filter performance against aerosols

Where earlier room air purifiers only needed to filter coarse suspended matter such as pollen, viruses must now also be filtered out of the room air. These and other germs float through the air as so-called aerosols. Aerosols are tiny particles – usually not even a micrometer in size. Only the im air cleaner from Airpura built HEPA-14 filter or ULPA-15 filter are able to catch and hold back aerosols.

Up to 99.9999 percent this Particles are removed from the room air. In addition to viruses , bacteria, fungi, dander, dust and, of course, larger particles such as pollen are also filtered. The system eliminates trapped pathogens UV lamps . Activated carbon filters also retain chemicals, VOC gases and bad odours.

Vorteile mit einem Airpura Luftreiniger Raumluftreiniger

Airpura Air Purifier

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running time 54 months
Monthly Rate € 97.42 plus VAT.
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