Functions of the indoor air purifiers

To safely filter viruses, bacteria and other germs or particles that harm health, investigated filters according to CE standard are used. With our Super HEPA filter with level H-14, more than 99.995% of all particles are safely separated. The task of a professional indoor air purifier is not only to filtration, but also to ensure that the air in the room is recirculated in the best possible way, so that the aerosols are ideally detected by the device and the room is then supplied with fresh and pure air again.

Certified to the latest American standards!

Our cleaners roll over 930 m3 of air per hour, more than other mobile air purifiers on the market!
The pre-filter of our air purifier filters impurities such as dust, pollen, dander and mold spores from the air and at the same time increases the service life of the HEPA-14 filter.
Set the optimal speed for the room air filter.

The HEPA-14 efficiency filter is installed in a pressure-tight filter chamber and filters up to 99.995% of the particles (0.01 μ) in the air.

Our indoor air purifiers contain 8.16-11.8 kg of activated carbon, which adsorbs the chemicals, gases and odours present in the air. The 360 ° air distribution cleans up to 186 square meters.

Here you turn on the disinfecting UVC lamp, which is used to kill the viruses and bacteria

Technology of our
Indoor air filter

4-stage filtration

1. F9 pre-filter in the suction area

for particles > 10 µ (including pollen, spores, lint, hair, insects, etc.)

2. HEPA-14 high-performance filter

for particles > 0.01 µ + degree of separation of ≥ 99.995% (including viruses, germs)

3. Activated carbon filter

to reduce odorous substances and for particles > 0.1 µ

4. UVC lamp

for killing viruses, germs and bacteria